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Nick baler waste paper baler become a best baler supplier in marketing
Author : admin Time : 2019-03-18 AllPageView : 259
Nowadays, waste paper balers have become the products of many people. They are constantly pursuing product quality, and they are also more and more practical and intelligent. Therefore, Nick Baler Company is also in the process of research and development. Pay special attention to this detail.
First of all, the Nick Baler has a perfect hydraulic system to ensure that there is no system oil leakage during the working process. This is one of the reasons why many manufacturers have no solution at present. Secondly, the heat generated by the machine during the work leads to The machine has a high failure rate and high maintenance costs. However, the Nick Baler uses a unique cooling system, including oil-cooled equipment and water circulation equipment, so that the machine does not experience high temperatures. The above two technologies are problems that many manufacturers have no way to solve.
Secondly, at the time of electric welding, the materials are sandblasted or pickled before welding, and all the welding areas are cleaned before welding. The main fillet welds are completed by automatic or semi-automatic welding to ensure sufficient penetration. The butt welding of the steel plates is submerged arc welding to ensure penetration. Welding defects such as slag inclusions, pores, and cracks do not occur in all welds.
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