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About waste paper baler waste disposal plan
Author : admin Time : 2019-03-20 AllPageView : 598
We know that waste paper tubes are generally more difficult to handle, but after being crushed by Shaanxi Nickel Machinery-Cardboard & Paper Tube Breaking Machine, it takes only minutes to become a piece of broken paper, rather than a general block. At the same time, the whole waste paperboard, peeling paper, paper tube, etc. can also be crushed by the cardboard & paper tube crushing machine, and then transported to the paper gas separator through the shredded paper fan pipe and dropped into the baler.
The back end of our hydraulic baler can be equipped with a block weighing system and can be connected to the whole plant production management system to truly realize the online production cost and waste paper volume.
The dust-containing gas discharged from the paper gas separator can be connected to the dust collector, and the dust removal rate can reach over 97%. The upper row or cyclone separator can also be selected according to customer requirements, and a spray device is installed for simple dust removal treatment. This design has a great purification and improvement for the workshop environment, and avoids the danger of dust explosion, and the exhaust gas also meets the national environmental emission standards.
The dust is dropped into the dust briquetting machine through a special explosion-proof discharge valve, compressed into a block-like object, which is convenient for stacking and transportation, and the workshop environment is very clean.as more information ,please visit :www.nkbaler.com 
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