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Motor failure of Swedish hydraulic shearing machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-10-21 AllPageView : 308
The motor is the power source of the hydraulic shearing machine. The normal operation of the hydraulic shearing machine is inseparable from it. However, many motors will generate heat during use. Why is this and how do we judge?
When the motor is working for a long time, it will heat up or down. Generally, it is a normal phenomenon, but if it is hot, there may be a problem with the voltage or the defect of the motor itself. It must be shut down for inspection and restarted after it is resolved. produce.
The reasons for the heating of the hydraulic shearing machine motor are generally as follows:
1. Abnormal vibration or noise of the motor can easily cause the motor to heat up.
2. The power supply voltage is too high or too low:
3. Winding short-circuit, inter-turn short-circuit, phase-to-phase short-circuit and winding open circuit.
4. The material leaks into the inside of the motor, which reduces the insulation of the motor, thereby reducing the allowable temperature rise of the motor

5. Insufficient bearing lubricant

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