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India Silage corn straw baler
Author : admin Time : 2019-06-11 AllPageView : 586
The benefits of silage corn stalk balers can increase the income of farmers and benefit the country and the people.

First, Silage corn straw baler helps to reduce environmental pollution and protect the ecological environment. The thick smoke formed by the burning of crop straws will release carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, which will cause environmental pollution, affect air quality and damage the health of the people. Increasing the comprehensive utilization of crop straw can improve the comprehensive utilization rate of straw, effectively reduce straw burning, prevent straw from polluting water sources, and protect the ecological environment.

Second, Silage corn straw baler will help to increase the value of straw utilization and develop a circular economy. Crop straw is an important biomass resource. It is widely used as a substitute for coal, electricity, oil, gas and other energy sources. It can also be used as feedstock, fertilizer, edible fungus base, and as an industrial raw material. Strengthening the comprehensive utilization of straw can reduce the consumption of other resources, promote the sustainable use of resources, and promote the development of circular economy.

Third, Silage corn straw baler will help improve the arable land and enhance the comprehensive agricultural production capacity. Straw returning has the functions of increasing fertilizer, changing soil and protecting soil, which can increase soil organic matter and degrade pesticides and heavy metals in soil. Studies have shown that a certain amount of straw per mu of cultivated land can not only increase grain yield, but also significantly improve soil physical and chemical properties and improve soil fertility.

Fourth, Silage corn straw baler will help improve agricultural efficiency and increase farmers' income.
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