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How to solve the insufficient pressure of the peanut shell bagging Press machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-06-28 AllPageView : 251
1. The pressure value of the pressure reducing valve is set too low (that is, lower than the recommended safe working pressure value in the user manual): slowly adjust the overflow valve when the material is pressed, increase it clockwise and decrease it counterclockwise. Check the pressure while adjusting to the recommended value, and then tighten the adjusting handle with the lock nut. If the pressure cannot be adjusted, you can remove the overflow valve core to clean or replace the entire overflow valve.
2. Abnormal sound of the oil pump: Check the oil volume in the oil tank. If the oil level is low, please add the same type of hydraulic oil to the optimal level line in time. Check whether the suction pipe is leaking, and check whether the suction pipe is tightened.
3. The filter is clogged: check whether the suction filter is clogged. If it becomes clogged, a new filter needs to be replaced.
4. The oil pump may be damaged: check the oil pump and replace it with a new one if necessary.
5. Damaged oil cylinder sealing ring: remove the oil cylinder and replace the sealing ring
6. The piston rod is bent and the sealing is damaged: check the piston rod and replace it with a new one if it is damaged
7. Damaged pipe seals: check and replace O-rings

Here, Nick Machinery reminds you to use the peanut shell bagging Press machine in strict accordance with the operating instructions and do a good job of daily maintenance of the machine to make the bagging Press machine work better for you.

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