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How to properly maintain the hydraulic system daily
Author : admin Time : 2021-11-10 AllPageView : 252
1. Choose the right hydraulic oil
For the hydraulic system of an excavator, it cannot lack the support of hydraulic oil in the working process. In addition to providing power to the excavator, the hydraulic oil can also act as a lubricating and cooling device for the excavator.
Its important functions also make the quality of the hydraulic oil have an important impact on the performance of the hydraulic system. And this requires us to choose the most suitable oil quality in the process of selecting the hydraulic oil in close contact with the working environment and the specific type of the oil pump.
2. Prevent the system from entering air
In the process of using the excavator, the hydraulic system should also be prevented from entering air. If the hydraulic system enters the air, the performance of the system will be greatly affected or even many abnormal conditions such as noise, slowing down of operating speed, etc. The work intensity of the excavator will also be greatly reduced.
Therefore, during the actual use of the excavator, it is necessary to avoid placing the oil tank on the surface to prevent air from entering the hydraulic system. If air is found to enter the oil tank after the excavator is refueled, it should be the first time. To exclude.
3. Control oil pollution
The quality of the oil used by the baler will also have a greater impact on the stability of the overall system. Therefore, in order to ensure the working efficiency of the baler, it is necessary to avoid contamination of the hydraulic oil during the actual application.
In the actual use process, the independent use of different hydraulic oils should also be ensured to avoid mixing, and a filter should be placed at the inlet of the oil tank to prevent impurities such as moisture and dust from entering the system.
When the system is used for a certain period of time, it should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the impurities in the hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve can be removed in time.
4. Control the temperature of hydraulic oil
In the process of using the baler, if the hydraulic oil is overheated, its viscosity will be greatly reduced, and its lubricity will be deteriorated, which will increase the wear of the baler equipment. Both operating efficiency and operating performance will have a negative impact.

In order to avoid this situation, we need to temporarily suspend the operation after a certain period of time in the actual work process, and wait for the hydraulic oil temperature to drop to a reasonable range before proceeding with the follow-up work.

At the same time, in the process of operation, the regular cleaning of the cooling device of the Baler and the good control of the oil volume in the oil tank should also be ensured, so that the excavator can run smoothly and safely.

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