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How to deal with the paper jam problem of the automatic waste paper baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-11-11 AllPageView : 306
Fully automatic waste paper balers are now more equipment used in our lives and in various fields. Its appearance greatly facilitates the transportation and storage of items, thus saving companies a lot of transportation costs.
When the equipment is in use, it often encounters such problems. Among them, paper jam is a relatively common problem. So what is the cause of the paper jam in the automatic waste paper baler and how to deal with it?
1. The tape reel adjusting nut is too tight. The pulley is mainly a fixed belt roll. In the process of moving the carton, the tape roll rotates to achieve sealing, but if the tape roll cannot be rotated, the state of the cassette occurs naturally. At this time, just loosen the tape reel adjusting nut.

2. The height adjustment of the box of the automatic waste paper baler is unreasonable. The main performance of this unreasonable is that the height adjustment is too low, and the upper extension part cannot be transported through the cardboard box. At this time, you can push the carton by hand. If there is no push, the height will be higher.

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