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How strong is a cardboard baler?
Author : admin Time : 2021-12-24 AllPageView : 51
In the past, waste paper packaging was done by people. With the development of technology and the emergence of waste paper packaging machines, various industries have gained a lot of convenience, and they have also contributed to the cause of environmental protection.
Wood pulp, the raw material for papermaking, mainly comes from natural forests. In a rapidly developing society, people’s demand for paper is increasing day by day. The consumption of a large amount of paper has brought about a sharp decrease in the area of forests, which in turn has caused extensive soil erosion and even desertification. The occurrence of sandstorms is the result of excessive deforestation. Advantages of waste paper packaging:
1. Reduce tree felling and maintain forest coverage, which is conducive to closing hills for afforestation, reducing soil erosion, and conducive to the ecological environment.
2. Reduce the use and discharge of chemical raw materials, reduce pollution, and contribute to environmental maintenance.
3. Save energy, save water resources, save other raw materials, save transportation costs, and help reduce consumption costs.
4. Recycling of waste paper eliminates the need for stacking of waste paper and reduces environmental pollution.
5. The recycling of waste paper is conducive to re-education of people's thinking on the sustainable use of renewable resources.
6. Compared with plastics, paper products are easy to shape, universally useful, beautiful, perishable and will not form white pollution, which is beneficial to environmental maintenance; paper is more convenient than plastic recycling.

Therefore, since the rise of the waste paper baler, the greatest convenience is that the environmental pollution has improved a lot, so the waste paper baler is a convenient and environmentally friendly equipment.

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