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Application of Gantry Shearing Machine in India
Author : admin Time : 2021-10-19 AllPageView : 327
The gantry shearing machine is hydraulically driven, with reliable performance and convenient operation. The blade length is from 1200mm to 200mm in various lengths; the shearing force of the metal shearing machine is from 315 tons to 2000 tons, and the user can freely choose the machine model.
The application of gantry shears mainly depends on the following aspects:
1. Speed is also the output of gantry shears.
2. Self-weight, the self-weight of the machine reflects whether the material is sufficient, and partly reflects whether the gantry shears can be durable.
3. Gantry shearing machine consumes power.
4. Application life, this is the most concerned issue of our customers. A good machine has a relatively long life.
5. Technology and model. Some manufacturers of hydraulic equipment only use drawings of old models for processing. Such machinery and equipment are old in technology and ineffective.
6. The sealing function, the sealing function of the gantry shearing machine indirectly affects the application and life.

7. The model with high integration level eliminates the time consumption of device debugging and is also convenient for transportation.

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