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Advantages of straw balers
Author : admin Time : 2022-10-24 AllPageView : 223
1. A wide range of feed raw materials, various green feed, green crop straw, melon, vine and vegetable seedlings, high-moisture grains, slag, etc., can be used to make straw balers;
2. High nutritional value; more than 85% of the nutrients in the forage can be preserved, while the prepared hay can only retain 80% of the nutrients even under the best conditions; under poor conditions, only 50-60% can be retained nutrients;
3. High nutrient yield per unit area. Planting feed crops on the same area of land to prepare straw balers has 30-50% higher nutrient yield than harvesting fruit;
4. Not affected by seasons and weather;
5. The production process is simple and requires less labor;
6. Compared with saving hay, making a straw baler occupies a small area;

7. The straw baler has a sour fragrance after microbial anaerobic fermentation, good palatability and high feed intake

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