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which parts easy to break on waste paper baler machine ?
Author : admin Time : 2020-08-19 AllPageView : 391

The electrical control part of the waste paper baler is mainly composed of PLC, motor, relay and switch electrical components. Among these parts, the most vulnerable part is the motor and electrical components. Daily precautions for the packaging electrical control box:

1. Pay attention to the grounding, lightning protection, rain protection and moisture protection of the power cord.
2. Non-professional operators of the electric control cabinet are prohibited from using it.
3. Pay attention to the anti-freezing work of the motor and the long-term overload of the motor. Effective prevention of these two can greatly reduce the damage of the motor, thereby maintaining the normal packaging of the waste paper baler.

4. Pay attention to the button operation of the console. Don't use excessive force on the switch button, and prevent misoperation to avoid short-circuit damage.

The Nick brand waste paper baler is simple to operate and automatically discharges the bale, which improves work efficiency. The installation of emergency stop settings makes the operation safer and perfect after-sales.

Shaanxi Nick Mechanical Equipment Factory specializes in the production of waste plastic balers. The advantages of waste plastic balers can be manifested in many ways. Products that can inspire customer interest can be better accepted.

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