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common problems of mineral water bottle packing machine
Author : admin Time : 2020-06-10 AllPageView : 482
The application of the mineral water bottle packing machine is more and more extensive, and there are more and more production enterprises using the mineral water bottle packing machine. In the process of using the mineral water bottle packing machine, many enterprises will encounter various problems. For inexperienced customers, it is a bit confusing, and I do not know how to start to check the fault. Next, the editor will give you an analysis of the scope and common problems of the mineral water bottle packing machine.
The mineral water bottle packing machine is a packing machine used for compressing mineral water bottle items. It is used by various types of mineral water bottle factories, old waste recycling companies and other units for the compression of various recyclable fluffy waste products such as domestic waste, industrial waste, plastic, film, pasture, straw, cotton, iron scrap, aluminum scrap, and scrap. Bale. The baler can double the volume of waste products and increase the density of items to make it easier to transport and store. It is one of the important equipment in the recycling of waste items.

When starting the mineral water bottle packing machine, first check whether there is foreign matter in the extension of the mineral water bottle packing machine, and then check whether the screws are loose, which will affect the normal transportation of the packaging belt. Make sure to strictly control the gap of the back tape, usually between half a centimeter and one centimeter. Check whether the bearing of the conveyor baler is damaged, and the incorrect position of the crossbar can also cause rare withdrawal problems.
The principle for the manufacturer to select the hydraulic pump is: according to the working conditions, power level and system performance requirements of the main body of the mineral water bottle baler, first determine the type of hydraulic pump, and then determine its specifications according to the required pressure and flow.

Generally, for light load and low power hydraulic equipment, gear pumps and double-acting vane pumps can be selected. For small mineral water bottle baler machines, double-acting vane pumps and rod pumps can be used. For fast-feeding and slow-feeding mechanical equipment (horizontal mineral water bottle baler), manufacturers can use variable-pressure variable vane pumps and double vane pumps. The plunger pump can be used for the equipment with large load and power (mineral water bottle packing machine); the auxiliary equipment of mechanical equipment, such as feeding, clamping and other unimportant occasions, can choose the low-cost gear pump.
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