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Working principle of scrap metal briquetting machine
Author : admin Time : 2020-09-04 AllPageView : 366
The metal briquetting machine is mainly used for the cold bundling of various light and thin plastic black and non-ferrous metal waste materials to form a compact rectangular block,which is convenient for storage and transportation.Ideal equipment for waste processing.

Add the materials to be packed into the material box,operate the reversing valve handle,close the door cover and lock the door cover by the lock to prevent it from floating,perform primary pre-compression,and then the side pressure cylinder moves forward for secondary compression;the stroke is in place,The main pressure cylinder advances for final compression,so that the main pressure cylinder reaches the system pressure and maintains pressure for 3 to 5 seconds.The main and side cylinders return,pull out the lock and open the door cover,and the turning cylinder works to turn out the package block and return.At this point,a work cycle is completed.

Note:The length of the bundle is determined by the weight,material and geometry of the waste material to be squeezed.Therefore,it is not allowed to pack too much of the thicker waste material that has a higher density,otherwise it will make the bag too long.Unable to turn out the block,even causing the side pressure head to be unable to be in place,causing a series of maladies such as the dislocation of the main pressure head.
Therefore,you must be careful when operating It is recommended that you choose the Nick brand copper wire briquetting machine,which is safe and reliable,low power consumption,economical and reasonable,convenient to use, and simple to maintain and operate.It is a good helper for your production.
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