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Which kind of horizontal balers are automatic tie?
Author : admin Time : 2024-01-31 AllPageView : 168
Fully automatic horizontal balers are mechanical equipment used to compress and package crops such as straw and pasture. This kind of equipment usually has an automatic bundling function, which can complete a large amount of packing work in a short time and improve agricultural production efficiency.
The working principle of the fully automatic horizontal baler is: first, raw materials such as straw and pasture are sent into the baling chamber through the conveying device; then, the compression device in the baling chamber compresses the raw materials to form straw bales of a certain shape and density. ; Finally, the automatic binding device binds the straw bales with plastic tape or other materials to complete the packaging process.
The main advantages of the fully automatic horizontal baling machine are as follows:
1. High efficiency: The fully-automatic horizontal baler adopts advanced compression technology and automatic bundling technology, which can complete the packaging of large quantities of straw, pasture and other crops in a short period of time, greatly improving agricultural production efficiency.
2. Save labor: The fully automatic horizontal baler realizes the automation of the baling process, reduces manual operations, reduces labor intensity, and saves human resources.
3. Environmental protection: The fully automatic horizontal baler compresses and packages crops such as straw and pasture, which is beneficial to reducing the pollution caused by burning straw and protecting the environment.

4. Convenient transportation and storage: The fully automatic horizontal baler compresses straw, pasture and other crops into regular-shaped bales, which facilitates transportation and storage and reduces logistics costs.

In short, the fully automatic horizontal baler has the advantages of high efficiency, labor saving, and environmental protection, and is an indispensable mechanical equipment in modern agricultural production.
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