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Which is better for the 200-ton waste paper baler?
Author : admin Time : 2021-06-23 AllPageView : 310
The automatic waste paper baler is favored by the majority of users in the hydraulic waste paper baler series. Because of its easy-to-understand operation and high work efficiency, it is popular in waste paper recycling stations and other industries!
The waste paper baler is used to squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and pack them with special packaging tapes to greatly reduce the volume, so as to reduce the transportation volume, save the freight, and increase the benefits for the enterprise. Mainly used for packaging waste paper (cardboard boxes, newsprint, etc.), waste plastics (PET bottles, plastic films, turnover boxes, etc.), straw and other loose materials.
Next, Nick will take everyone to understand the parameters of the waste paper baler
Model: NKW200Q
Packing size (W*H*L): 1100*1100*300-1800mm
Output: 18-22Ton/hour
Main cylinder pressure: 200 tons
Time period: 30s
Motor power: 55KW
Product advantages
1. PLC control, with man-machine interface (touch screen) window type monitoring, synchronized action indication diagram with error warning, and the length of the block can be set.
2. The photoelectric switch automatically detects whether the material is full and realizes the fully automatic function
3. Automatic fault diagnosis, automatic display, improve detection efficiency.
4. Low noise hydraulic circuit design, high efficiency and low failure.
5. Easy to install, no foundation required.
6. Optional conveyor line material and air pipe feeding, suitable for waste paper cartons, plastics, fabrics and large garbage disposal places.

Nick Machinery's automatic waste paper baler is automatic bundling, unmanned operation, fast speed, simple structure, stable action, low failure rate and easy to clean. Choose us to create greater benefits for you

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