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What should I know about daily operation of waste plastic baler?
Author : admin Time : 2021-03-24 AllPageView : 403
The waste plastic baler equipment is to constrain some waste materials to the shape of a cuboid or a cube to facilitate better transportation. The equipment is a relatively high-tech product in today’s society. Many of our customers look at the appearance It is simple and easy to understand. In fact, its built-in structure is very complicated. If customers want to make it work for us better, they must understand the built-in waste plastic baler.
There are many ways to classify waste plastic balers. According to the direction of the force, there are two types: vertical and horizontal.
Use horizontal. According to the structure type, the hydraulic press has two-column, four-column, eight-column, welded structure and multi-layer steel belt winding structure, etc., and medium and small vertical hydraulic presses also use C-frame type. The C-frame hydraulic press is opened on three sides, which is easy to operate, but has poor rigidity.

The welding structure hydraulic press used for stamping has good rigidity, which is opened back and forth, but closed left and right. In the vertical four-column casting hydraulic press with upper transmission, the oil cylinder is fixed in the upper beam, the plunger is rigidly connected with the movable beam, and the movable beam is guided by the column and moves up and down under the pressure of the working fluid.

There is a workbench that can move back and forth on the beam. The upper anvil and the lower anvil are respectively installed under the movable beam and on the work table. The working force is received by the structure composed of upper and lower beams and uprights. Large and medium hydraulic forging presses driven by pump-accumulators often use three working cylinders to obtain three-level working force. The working cylinder is also provided with a balance cylinder and a return cylinder that exert upward force. These are just planning the manufacturing principles of hydraulic presses. After thoroughly analyzing these structures, we can have a deeper understanding of hydraulic presses.
Nick brand waste plastic baler has good rigidity, toughness and volatility, beautiful and compact, convenient operation and maintenance, safe and energy-saving, and low investment cost. It can better serve you. For more information, please contact us 86-29-86031588 or visit our homepage www.nkbaler.com
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