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What is silage? What are the main benefits of silage?
Author : admin Time : 2021-04-12 AllPageView : 411

Silage is a kind of storage-stable feed made by cutting crop straws (corn stalks, etc.) when they are fresh green, chopped up, wrapped and stored, and fermented by microorganisms (recommended to use Yifuyuan straw starter). This kind of feed basically retains the original green, juicy, nutritious and other characteristics of the green feed. The main benefits of silage are:

(1) There are abundant sources of silage raw materials. Crop stalks (such as corn stalks, etc.), various weeds, pastures, sweet potato seedlings, leaves, etc. can all be silaged.

(2) The silage is rich in nutrients. During production, the whole straw (including stalks, stems, and leaves) can be used for silage, and the green color and leaves of the straw can be preserved. Therefore, most of the nutrients (over 85%) in crop straws can be preserved, and the loss of crude protein and carotene is also small (normal green fodder loses 30% to 40% of nutrients and almost all vitamins after drying). 

(3) Because the silage is soft, juicy, sweet and sour, and has good palatability, it is very suitable for feeding cattle and sheep, and cattle and sheep also like to eat; and can promote the secretion of digestive glands, which is useful for improving the digestibility of feed. Good function.

(4) The production method of silage is simple and cost-effective. It is not restricted by climate and season. The nutritional value of forage can be preserved for a long time (for many years) without changing. So to meet the needs of cattle and sheep feeding green feed in winter and spring (or throughout the year)

(5) Silage can make full use of the abundant local forage resources, especially the use of a large amount of corn stalk silage to feed cattle and sheep, which can greatly reduce the waste of corn stalks.

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