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What are the technical requirements of Nick Baler waste plastic baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-08-31 AllPageView : 264
General requirements
1. The baler shall comply with the provisions of this standard and be manufactured in accordance with the approved drawings and technical documents according to the prescribed procedures;
2. The purchased electrical components, hydraulic components, spare parts and fasteners used in the baler shall comply with the provisions of the technical documents, and shall be accompanied by the manufacturer’s certificate for use, and shall be installed on the main engine while performing operation experiments. Outsourcing parts should also have the quality inspection certificate of the manufacturer.
3. The completeness of the baler should be guaranteed when it leaves the factory, and spare wearing parts and special accessories specified in the technical documents should be prepared. Special accessories shall be negotiated by the user and the manufacturer, supplied randomly or ordered separately. Accessories, spare parts and tools should Can be interchanged, and should meet the requirements of technical documents

4. The product manual should meet the requirements of GB/T9969.

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