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What are the factors affecting the quality of straw balers?
Author : admin Time : 2019-06-30 AllPageView : 687
The straw baler is an environmental protection device that utilizes the hydraulic principle to compress straw, straw, etc. into pieces, which is conducive to the savings, transportation and utilization of straw. Now widely used in the agricultural animal husbandry industry, it has played a huge role in the protection of the environment and resources.

What are the factors affecting the quality of straw balers?
The color of the straw baler: The straw baler on the market is generally white (other colors should be bright), the quality is better, because these are not easy to mix old materials.
The appearance of the straw baler: the straw baler has good toughness, and the straw baler is repeatedly folded, and the toughness is not easy to break. Pattern problem, the pattern should be beautiful, and there should be no pressure deviation.
The size of the straw baler is judged: the width and width error of the straw baler are generally plus or minus 0.3 mm. Such a baler belt has a uniform material discharge and a relatively uniform quality, and does not appear to be in a good or bad condition.
Judging by the cross section of the straw baler: Some straw balers are made of new materials outside, and the middle clamps are filled with materials. As long as the cut section is cut, you can see that the black heart inside is poor quality.

The gloss of the straw baler: the straw baler should have a gloss, so the straw baler is generally produced in full material. The tension is stable. If the baler is mixed with powder, the gloss will be greatly reduced.

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