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What are the economic benefits brought by the recycling of cans?
Author : admin Time : 2021-09-13 AllPageView : 343
The recycling of cans is developing in two directions. One is the production of aluminum alloy ingots. Of course, strict testing methods and quality assurance systems are needed to make it possible to appreciate. Under the circumstances you mentioned, it may not be easy to implement; the other is remelting. Production of other external aluminum ingots, which can be used in industries such as ferroalloys and steelmaking. It seems that this model is more suitable for your current situation. For the production of external aluminum ingots by the remelting method, under strict operation conditions (whether a reverberatory furnace or a crucible furnace is used), the direct yield of aluminum can only reach about 83%, which also includes the refining from aluminum slag Recycled secondary aluminum.

There is such an economical treatment method for the recycling of cans, but simple recycling, due to the large volume of cans, etc., makes the efficiency of aluminum smelting inefficient. At this time, our company specially developed and produced it. The can balers can smash cans, paint buckets, etc. into blocks and lumps, which greatly improves the recovery efficiency of cans.

The aluminum can Baler produced by NKBALER can pack aluminum cans into small metal blocks, reduce storage space, reduce transportation costs, reduce costs for cans recycling, and create profits for you. If you are interested in cans Balers, Welcome to Nick Machinery Company for details www.nkbaler.net
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