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What are the customized requirements for the garment baler
Author : admin Time : 2020-08-25 AllPageView : 374

With the further development of production technology in recent years,the types and types of clothing balers are gradually increasing.Of course,the machine can also be customized according to the actual requirements of customers.Let's learn about the specific customization requirements.

1.Automatic baler,Generally,the clothing baler is purely manual operation,that is to say, manual work is needed in the process of discharging,operation and final packing.Then some customers ask for automatic packing.There are two common ways:one is to use steel wire rope to pop the finished product out of the bag box;the other is to add an oil cylinder at the back to push the finished product out.

2.Conveying and feeding:for the clothing baler, due to the small size of the bag box,it is not recommended for customers to use conveyor belt.The large feeding device is mainly suitable for automatic waste paper baler and large-scale production.

3.The packing weight can be increased by increasing the size of the packing box,but it needs to be improved in combination with the cylinder pressure,stroke and support bearing capacity.

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