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Waste paper baler industry development status
Author : admin Time : 2018-11-19 AllPageView : 587
Waste paper balers usually refer to a packaging operation in which single or several packs are tied tightly together with ropes, steel strips, and plastic strips for transportation, storage, and handling. The development of waste paper packers was very rapid. In the early 1960s, with the advent of polypropylene materials, polypropylene tape was successfully developed abroad. In many fields, especially light industry... Randomly adjusted balers improve the adaptability of automatic balers in terms of bandwidth, bale specifications, workbench height, and strapping capabilities.
China's waste paper packers began to develop in the mid-1980s. They were initially promoted in books and newspapers and periodicals distribution departments. In recent years, they have been developing rapidly. They have been widely used in light industry, food, foreign trade, department stores, printing, medicine, and chemical industry. Posts and telecommunications, textile and other industries.
At present, some manufacturers of waste paper packers adopt the international standards and absorb the advanced technical characteristics of foreign countries. They have greatly improved the level of standards, design and manufacturing technologies and product quality, such as the automatic waste of our Shaanxi Nick Company. Paper balers can reach the advanced level of similar foreign equipments in quality and can be automatically positioned, strapped and indexed to carry out cross-type and well-type pattern strapping. With microcomputer control, the unmanned automatic strapping production line has been realized. The future development trend of waste paper packers extends to full automation, advanced and diversified.
The development trend of waste paper packers mainly includes the development of balers for various applications such as compression balers; the development of heavy-duty belts and polyester belts that replace steel belts; and the development of foam belts and flexible belts suitable for table packers. Wait. To increase the degree of automation of the single machine, after the package is fed from the conveyor, the baler can be automatically positioned, strapped, indexed, and tied with cross-shaped, square-shaped patterns, etc., and the unmanned automatic strapping line can be controlled by microcomputer control.
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