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Various types of straw balers
Author : admin Time : 2021-12-10 AllPageView : 360
This product adopts high-tech model, humanized design, and is injected with high-tech software navigation. It is constantly updated with the needs of the market to meet the needs of our customers. There are five series and multiple types of finalized products, which can be manufactured and modified according to customer needs.
Highlights of stereotyped products:
1. Control highlights: Program-controlled operation, microcomputer measurement.
2. Feature highlights:
1. There is strong continuity from the crushing of the input material to the compression of the package, and there is no intermediate link, which saves labor and time.
2. Set up a purification device, the forage does not contain dust and impurities.
3. The grass block is standard, tidy and tight.
4. It saves time and effort, is fast, and can be operated by two to three persons.
5. The use of high-quality steel, exquisite craftsmanship.
6. Move flexible, fast and freely.
3. Structural highlights;
1. The internal structure has high precision, sturdiness, standardization and coordination.

2. Artistic appearance, standard installation of components, compactness, stretch and generous, giving people a beautiful feeling.

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