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Tips for using hydraulic gantry shear markers
Author : admin Time : 2023-11-23 AllPageView : 131
The hydraulic gantry shear cuts the messy recycled waste into a unified and easy-to-regenerate material, which increases the sales channels of the material. Today, I will talk about the tips for using the gantry shear.
Tips for using the gantry shearing machine:
1. The thickness of the sheared steel plate must not exceed the performance of the gantry shears. The workpiece must be compacted when cutting the plate.
2. When the gantry shearing machine cuts narrow steel plates, when the vertical pressure device in front of the gantry shears is not available, another steel plate should be pressed on the steel plate to be cut, so that the vertical pressure device can press the plate firmly when it falls, so as not to be damaged during the shearing process. The steel plate being cut at the time is warped and damages the machine tool.

3. When feeding the gantry shearing machine, you must wait for the upper scissors to stop before feeding.

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