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The use of baler to classify waste paper standards
Author : admin Time : 2021-09-10 AllPageView : 290
The process of using automatic waste paper baler for production and sorting is different, so various types of waste paper returning home have different treatment plans for recycling. Therefore, what the industry needs most now is a strict classification standard, which is also a measure of pricing between buyers and sellers.

In some smaller cities, some small waste recycling stations using automatic waste paper balers often use adulteration or shoddy methods for profit. Paper mills receiving such waste paper packages will seriously affect the quality of the finished paper and cause difficulties in recycling. A complete set of waste paper classification standards is indispensable in foreign countries. This is the basis for waste paper sorting. Only after sorted waste paper has a higher added value. In addition, our country should also vigorously develop intensive production. Use automatic waste paper balers to replace individual waste paper purchase points. At the same time, we must strengthen the education of the masses and let the society consciously carry out waste paper sorting and recycling, so as to greatly increase the recovery rate and utilization rate of waste paper. Nowadays, our paper industry is facing more and more obvious constraints on raw materials and energy. Therefore, it is necessary to study the recycling and utilization of waste paper as a more important subject.

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