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The relationship between waste paper baler and human
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Shaanxi Nick Machinery is a large company specializing in renewable resource production equipment. It mainly includes waste paper balers, plastic balers, and metal balers. It mainly faces some recycling companies. So what do we usually see after the waste paper and plastic recycling, what role does it bring to our lives, I hope the following data will help you.

We classify and dispose of used and waste items in order to reduce environmental pollution, make full use of resources, and strive to build a better society.

So, how are all the used and waste items treated? "

1. Milk beverage paper packaging generally has 6 layers, of which the content of pulp, aluminum and plastic are about 75%, 5% and 20%, respectively. This combination can block air and light as much as possible, so that milk or beverage is not easy to spoil.

This kind of packaging is a 100% recyclable resource. After consumption, the packaging undergoes effective waste sorting and processing. After it enters the recycling process, it can be “transformed” into recycled paper, color music board, and plastic after it is recycled. Recycled products such as particles and aluminum powder.

2. Recycling one ton of waste paper can produce 0.8 tons of good paper, which can save three cubic meters of wood (equivalent to cutting 17 adult trees), one ton of standard coal, 200 cubic meters of water, and 600 kWh of electricity. Can reduce three cubic meters of landfill space and about 100 cubic meters of sewage and a large amount of waste gas. Due to the sharp rise in the price of wood pulp, domestic waste newspapers have become a resource vying for by major paper mills across the country. The new ink removal process is used to remove the ink on waste newspapers, treat it into pulp, and add a certain proportion of wood pulp to produce high-quality new paper products.as more information ,please visit us : www.nkbaler.com

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