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The horizontal bagging Press Press and Baler machine delivers packages quickly and is convenient for storage
Author : admin Time : 2021-07-06 AllPageView : 253
The horizontal bagging Press Press hydraulic baler is mainly suitable for the packaging of corn stalks, sugarcane leaves, rice straw, wheat straw and other straw fodder, reducing the volume and facilitating long-term storage, transportation and reducing storage space; this equipment has become a breeding company, straw processing cooperatives, The ideal equipment choice for processing corn silage straw feed for individual farmers.
Fully automatic horizontal bagging Press Press and Baler machine for silage and yellow storage. It is a mobile patented product. It can work as a complete set with a large-scale straw machine, which greatly improves the production speed and saves manpower. The old and weak women and children can produce. This machine can be moved in a small area, if the power supply is not convenient, it can be equipped with a diesel engine to work. It is necessary to crush corn stalks or other overly high straws for processing after primary pulverization or kneading. It can be used to press green storage straw, pasture, dry corn stalks, rice straw, wheat straw, various straw scraps, or other bleached straws. Carrying materials, etc., are packaged and automatically bagged and packed. Each bundle of dry straw is stored for about 30 kilograms of yellow and about 65 kilograms of green.
Structure description and working principle of horizontal bagging Press Press baler
This machine is mainly composed of four parts: frame assembly, cylinder assembly, gear pump, and manual reversing valve.
1. Frame assembly: The frame is entirely made of steel welded structure, with strong resistance to pressure and tension, and pushes the bag.
2. Oil cylinder assembly: It is composed of the lower connecting plate of the oil cylinder body push rod piston sealing ring and so on.
3. Gear pump: adopt GB type standard gear pump (purchased), most of the parts are common.
4. The distributor is also called a manual reversing valve to control the direction of the hydraulic oil.
Operation mode: configure both semi-automatic and fully automatic (convertible) at the same time.

The horizontal bagging Press Press machine produced by Nick Machinery is easy to operate, high working efficiency, fast out of the bag, easy to store, and reduce costs. You are welcome to buy from our website: www.nkbaler.net

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