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The era of "Internet +", the development trend of China's waste paper baler industry
Author : admin Time : 2018-11-29 AllPageView : 283
In the "Internet +" era, consumers are no longer purely passive customer roles, and more and more consumers are turning into participants in corporate behavior. For example, in the waste paper baler industry, if customers use good results, they will have a good reputation and will drive the development of the company.
      As the concept of green recycling is increasingly accepted by consumers, green recycling is the main theme of future development. First, the recycling entity should promote green recycling through all possible carriers. For example, through traditional media such as radio and television, actively organize various forms of publicity activities, advocate green recycling, publicize typical cases, promote demonstration experience, and create a good atmosphere for the whole society to attach importance to, care for and support the recycling of waste paper; through WeChat, etc. Since the media advocates from now on, start from the side, pay attention to environmental protection, support the recycling of green waste paper, and properly handle the waste paper around. Second, encourage enterprises, institutions, schools and communities to actively carry out various forms of green recycling waste paper creative activities, foster green culture; carry out resource-saving volunteer service activities, actively create recycling-oriented communities; gradually adopt environmental recycling and green recycling concepts And the knowledge is included in the relevant courses of “Basic, Vocational, and Higher Education”; relevant majors are set up in higher education institutions and vocational schools, and a multi-level interdisciplinary personnel training system is constructed. Third, do a good job in training of recycling personnel, continuously improve the skills and service levels of the industry; use the training strength of party schools, administrative colleges and higher education institutions at all levels to strengthen the training of leading cadres, government and enterprise management personnel at all levels. The fourth is to promote the transition to intelligent, automated recycling.
     In recent years, with the rising of labor costs, the arrival of the "Internet +" era, the traditional "individual recycling of waste paper" can no longer meet the needs of the times, should actively build waste paper packaging stations to carry out the packaging and recycling of waste paper
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