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The effect of Longmen Cut is to see how many aspects
Author : admin Time : 2023-12-26 AllPageView : 154
The gantry shearing machine is designed as a fast type. Without increasing the power of the motor and the displacement of the oil pump, the speed remains fast under shearing (about 400-1600 tons), and the speed will be automatically switched when shearing larger materials. Restore the original shear force, thereby improving the work efficiency by nearly double.
1. Speed, that is, the output of the gantry shearing machine class.
2. Self-weight, the self-weight of the machine reflects whether the materials used are sufficient, and partly reflects whether the gantry shearing machine is durable.
3. The power consumption of the gantry shearing machine.
4. Sealing performance. The sealing performance of the gantry shear directly affects the service life and service life.

5. The degree of integration. The model with a high degree of integration eliminates the time consumption of installation and commissioning, and is also convenient for transportation.

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