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The difference between whole plant green storage and ordinary green storage
Author : admin Time : 2020-09-16 AllPageView : 381
Green storage corn stalk feed can be divided into two types,ordinary green storage and whole plant green storage.
The corn in the feed is concentrated feed.The corn green storage is made of corn when the nutrient content is the highest.The corn is harvested through the corn stalk hydraulic closed end baler.

Compress the bag and make it into green grass storage blocks of about 65 kg,and store it for one year without adding concentrated feed.

Regardless of whether it is green storage corn stalk feed,whole plant green storage or ordinary green storage,their packaging is inseparable from the green storage Green straw closed end baler
Nick brand Green straw closed end baler has good rigidity and stability,and has a beautiful and generous appearance.
It is easy to operate and maintain,safe and energy-saving,and the investment cost of equipment basic engineering is low. 
It is a good helper for your production of green feed,which can help you save labor and reduce storage and transportation costs.

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