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The difference between high-end straw hydraulic baler and low-end
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The difference between the high end and the bottom end of the straw hydraulic baler is the failure rate in the later use process. The configuration equipment of the high-end straw hydraulic baler has better performance and lower failure rate in the later use. Of course, the price of the high-end configuration will be higher. The difference in service. With the globalization of the economy, when people buy goods, in addition to paying attention to the quality of the goods themselves, the emphasis on services cannot be ignored. Many companies fail to go because most of them cannot keep up with the service. Losing the trust of customers is no exception to the manufacturers of straw hydraulic balers.

Do not replace the parts on the straw hydraulic baler machine at will. If there is a need to replace the parts on the straw hydraulic baler, we must have professional maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance, not blind maintenance. The main components should always be lubricated with oil.

If the packaging is not in place, it may cause rust and corrosion of the equipment. Therefore, it is recommended that when the automatic straw hydraulic baler is packaged, a wrapping film can be wrapped on the surface of the machine, and the price is not expensive, but it plays a role. Waterproof and dustproof effect, killing two birds with one stone.

Followed by a variety of spare parts. After exporting to foreign countries, it is far away from the waters of the mountains. Once the equipment fails, the country is far from being able to hydrolyze the thirst. Therefore, foreign customers must be reminded to equip them with some fragile accessories. When problems occur, they can be replaced in time to avoid production problems caused by equipment failure. Loss. The last is the outer packaging. Exported goods can be packaged in fumigation-free wooden boxes and cartons.
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