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The Easy Failure And Maintenance Methods Of Indian Vertical Baler
Author : admin Time : 2023-07-07 AllPageView : 214
1. The tape length control potentiometer is at the zero position. The tape length control potentiometer is at the second position from the left on the front panel switch plate. Adjust clockwise, the length of the tape out will be longer, otherwise it will be shorter; if it is at the zero position, the tape will not be out.
2. The belt is not worn correctly. Open the right door, and follow the "threading process method" or the drawing diagram of the belting indicated in the instruction manual to correctly thread the belt.
3. There are foreign objects in the machine. The packaging machine has been used for a long time, and it has not been cleaned and maintained in time, resulting in the accumulation of stolen goods in the machine and the unsmooth delivery of the belt. More cleaning and maintenance should be done.
4. The gap between the belt feed rollers is incorrect. The size of the gap between the belt feeding rollers of a pair of semi-automatic baler is very important to the normal belt feeding. For the adjustment of the gap, please refer to the instructions in the manual. Adjust carefully until the gap between the belt feed rollers is only 0.05-1mm more than the 
belt thickness.
5. The selected PP tape is too thick or too thin. Because there are many manufacturers of PP strapping belts, the thickness is also inconsistent, so you should choose them according to the requirements; if it is impossible, please carefully adjust the gap between the feeding and rewinding rollers according to the method of the manual.

6. The electromagnet is not working properly. The electromagnet does not work. First check whether the welding head of the electromagnet connection is off, and then check whether the coil is burned out. If there is no abnormality in both, check whether the electromagnet is displaced or blocked by stolen goods, making the head unable to move freely.

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