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Talking about what is the wear phenomenon of horizontal baler
Author : admin Time : 2020-06-04 AllPageView : 505
What are the wear phenomena of horizontal baler?

Horizontal baler machines are the same as other machines and equipment, and some bad phenomena will occur. Wear is a common type. There are two types of wear of the baler, one is adhesive wear, and the other is normal wear. Do you know their causes and specific performance? Will be introduced below.

The so-called adhesive wear is the phenomenon that the material of the contact surface is transferred from one appearance to another at the contact point due to solid-phase welding. When the horizontal baler is welded, the temperature at the actual contact point shows two different conditions, which may or may not be greater than the melting point.

The second is normal wear and tear. The wear that occurs within the prescribed period is attributed to it. At the initial stage of wear, the appearance of the conflict will have a corresponding roughness. In general, the smaller the real contact surface, the faster the wear will be. When the appearance of parts is gradually worn out, the horizontal baler has entered a normal and stable wear stage.

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