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Solve the problem of Indian straw baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-10-18 AllPageView : 238
Straw balers will inevitably have various problems during the whole process of work. If an abnormal situation occurs, the work should be stopped, the reason should be found, and the work will be carried out after the common faults are cleared.
Problems at the gasoline pump level of the straw baler:
1. The oil provided by the gasoline pump is insufficient or there is no working pressure
Common fault reasons: gasoline pump casing, oil baffle is damaged or plunger pump is destroyed.
Solution: Repair or replace the gasoline pump with a new one.
2. The gasoline pump is noisy
Common fault causes: Gasoline pump is empty, filter is blocked, oil suction pipe or pump oil inlet is blocked, plunger pump is broken, rolling bearing is broken.

Solution: clean or replace the filter screen, clean the pipeline, replace the new plug, and the rolling bearing.

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