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Selection requirements for straw baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-11-01 AllPageView : 303
Wheat balers are mainly suitable for crops such as wheat, pasture, grains, corn, etc. Corn stalk balers and wheat stalk balers are ideal machines to prevent straw burning, increase efficiency, and protect the environment. So what should you pay attention to when using the wheat straw baler, let's take a look with Nick Machinery below:
1. Check the contents marked on the nameplate, including: machine tool model, dimensions, working width, supporting power, production date, name of the manufacturer, etc., and choose a baler that matches your own existing power according to the supporting power of the machine.
2. Choose a manufacturer or seller with a large scale and good after-sales service, which is good for future mechanical maintenance and repair.

3. After selecting the model, check the appearance quality of the machine and whether the exposed rotating parts and the power output shaft are safety protected, and whether they are marked with warning signs.

4. Check whether the machine has the "Three Guarantees" certificate, factory certificate, and instruction manual.
Nick Machinery needs to remind everyone that when choosing, you must choose a regular and qualified manufacturer to better guarantee the quality of the equipment. https://www.nkbaler.net
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