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Scrap iron shearing machine-metal recycling
Author : admin Time : 2021-11-29 AllPageView : 279
At present, the domestic scrap iron shearing machine on the market is mainly used for cold shearing of various light and thin black and non-ferrous metal scraps, which is convenient for storage and transportation.
It is an ideal equipment for metal scrap processing in non-ferrous metal plants and smelters in steel mills. At present, the quality of scrap iron shearing machines produced in our country is greater than before, especially the shearing machine series, the export ratio is much higher than that of imports, so the price of domestic scrap iron shearing machines can completely buy the quality of imported machines.
When it comes to the applicable industry of scrap iron shears-the metal recycling industry, the scrap metal recycling industry has been silent for a long time, and finally began to recover with the value-added of scrap metal. As the scrap metal recycling industry at the end of the industrial chain, it is a barometer of China's economy. Behind the rise in scrap metal recycling prices is proof of China's economic recovery.

The scrap iron shearing machine is a kind of metal shearing machine. It adopts hydraulic drive, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It is installed without anchor screws and can be powered by diesel engines without power supply. The machine adopts hydraulic transmission, scrap iron shears and mechanical transmission shears. Compared with the cutting machine, it has the advantages of small weight, small volume, low inertia, low noise, stable action, convenient operation, flexible, large cutting section, convenient adjustment of the cutting mouth, convenient operation, reliable production, and the cutting process can be stopped at any time, reliability high.

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