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Scrap iron baler responds to national policies
Author : admin Time : 2021-07-23 AllPageView : 229
Today’s market is uncertain, changing circumstances, and strict environmental inspections in steel mills have caused steel mills to have strict requirements for smelting scrap iron and steel raw materials, especially for the extremely high control of the impurity rate of scrap iron lumps, requiring that the size of scrap iron lumps should not exceed 400 *400mm, the impurity in the bale should be low, otherwise severe punishment and deduction. Such strict requirements are facing severe tests for the scrap iron recycling industry. The size of the bales packed in the scrap iron recycling process in the scrap iron recycling industry must be controlled within 400*400 mm. Some regions require stricter requirements. It cannot exceed 300*300mm, which is convenient to enter the furnace, saves energy in the smelting process, and makes emissions more environmentally friendly. Nowadays, the Baler of Nick Machinery is also advancing with the times. The main machine is made of all-steel welded steel, which has uniform force and will never be deformed. It can be operated by remote control or manually, which saves labor costs. All kinds of scrap iron are packed into briquettes, which is convenient for loading and smelting in the furnace. The size of the bales can be determined at will, and the density of the bales is high, which saves transportation costs. The operation is simple and convenient. The investment is small. It has a far-reaching influence and a huge contribution to the scrap iron recycling industry.

The NKY series scrap iron baler produced by Nick Machinery can reuse waste materials. More importantly, it can promote the conversion of a series of economic chains, while responding to the country's current economic development policies and taking the path of sustainable development.

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