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Relevant operation of Kenyan automatic baler
Author : admin Time : 2022-04-18 AllPageView : 355
Electrical automation is one of the norms of industrial development, accompanied by the development and innovation of science and technology. The development trend of industrial equipment gradually opening up to automation technology and operation has reduced the number of manual service workers. In the waste paper baler machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, it is gradually moving towards this direction. Most of today's waste paper balers are fully automatic and fully automatic. Gradually replace the manual waste paper baler machinery and equipment. Compared with the manual type, the automatic waste paper baler has many advantages, otherwise it will not be promoted so quickly in the sales market.

The related operations of the fully automatic waste paper baler are controlled by PLC programming, just like a small computer to control the machinery and equipment. Complete button or touch screen control, human factors operation is convenient and stable. Improve manufacturing stability. In addition, the high efficiency of the waste paper baler with automatic technology is improved. Since the whole process of baling is automatically controlled by the program flow, it is more accurate and immediate relative to the control of human factors, which improves the high efficiency of packaging.

The NKW series horizontal baler produced by NKBALER can freely set the length of the package, accurately record the value of the package, and is convenient for the operator to use.

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