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Quality Assurance of Nick Metal Chip Baler Machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-07-21 AllPageView : 284
The metal shavings Baler machine can directly cold press iron shavings, steel shavings, copper shavings, aluminum shavings, and mineral powder into cakes for storage, transportation and recycling in the furnace. After being compressed into blocks, the recovery loss is very low. The entire production process does not require heating, adding additives or other processes, and is directly cold-pressed to form. At the same time, the forming also ensures that the raw materials are unchanged. For example, cast iron is replaced by cast iron after it is formed. For castings of special materials, recycling is even more important.
Metal balers are classified according to pressure: 60 tons, 100 tons, 135 tons, 160 tons, 200 tons, 250 tons, 400 tons, 600 tons, etc.
The electrical part of the metal chip Baler machine adopts PLC control, which has strong anti-interference ability, high degree of automation and simple operation. The hydraulic station adopts the integral inherited valve block to prevent oil leakage, reduce the oil temperature of the system, and improve the stability of the system. The frame part adopts integral steel castings, which prevents the steel plate welded parts from cracking and improves the reliability, stability and service life of the equipment. Tandem cylinders are used to improve movement speed and production efficiency. According to the user's working conditions, there is an automatic feeding machine, which reduces the labor intensity of the workers.
The metal chips of the metal chip Baler machine are cold pressed into a standard return material, the coke is cold pressed into a combustible cake, and other special materials are cold pressed into a shape. Material: iron flakes, aluminum flakes, steel flakes, alloy flakes, ductile iron flakes, iron concentrate powder, coke, nickel powder, ball milled iron flakes, sponge iron, magnesium powder, silicon powder, slag powder, metal bottle caps and other metal flakes . It is mainly used for cold pressing of powdered or granular copper scraps, aluminum scraps, cast iron scraps, ball milled iron scraps, sponge iron, steel scraps, iron ore powder, silicon powder, slag powder and other non-ferrous metal scraps into 2.5-10kg cylindrical cakes. Need any additives, bulky. Automatic scrap and machines are suitable for large-scale metal scrap companies, large-scale foundries, wind power component casting companies, and copper and aluminum product manufacturers to select customers.

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