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Precautions for the purchase of waste cardboard baler in India
Author : admin Time : 2022-03-30 AllPageView : 273

With the rise and fall of paper prices, the Baler industry has also risen and fallen. Friends of the majority of waste paper purchase stations who have a budget for buying a baler, please note that the daily limit of paper prices affects the sales of the baler industry, but does not affect the trend of waste paper purchase and packaging. At this time of fluctuating sales, you should pay more attention to the following points when buying a waste paper baler:

1. Choose a formal, large-scale enterprise to buy, with good reputation, honesty, accessories, installation, and after-sales are guaranteed.
2. Real materials, solid appearance. The waste paper baler relies on the squeezing force. The higher the squeezing force, the higher the density and the higher the weight of the package, and the transportation does not lose tons. The material used in the baler is small and cannot withstand too much pressure. Long-term high pressure will damage the baler and cause unpredictable losses.
3. Learn more about the configuration of the waste paper baler, the model is different, the configuration is different, don't take a small horse-drawn cart.
4. Proficiency in the operation, pressure range and simple technical maintenance of the baler.

5. Baler venue is very important, give priority to Yo!

NKBALER is a professional manufacturer of balers. The 160-type hydraulic balers produced by our company use national standard steel plates, national standard motors, and well-known domestic hydraulic equipment. Real material, solid and durable. Automatic feeding, squeezing, stringing, strapping and unBaler have high efficiency, with a daily output of 30-50 tons of paper bags.

At the same time, our company's 120-type, 160-type, 180-type, 200-type hydraulic door-opening and hydraulic doorless waste paper balers were well received in the same session, and they were well received by users. Many friends have bought them many times.

NKBALER has been committed to the research, development and manufacturing of waste paper baler and hydraulic baler for many years, and has perfect after-sales service. We sincerely welcome your inquiries 86-29-86031588.
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