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Precautions for installation of hydraulic valve block of straw baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-06-21 AllPageView : 357
In the process of constructing the straw baler, there is a very fine component called the hydraulic valve block. The valve block is a small circuit that combines various valves that are used through the oil holes on the valve block. For example, what we use today An equalizing valve block, which combines equalizing valves, pressure reducing valves, safety valves, one-way valves, and reversing valves. The hydraulic valve block is indispensable in the process of using the straw baler. During the installation process There are a lot of precautions in this article, let's take a look!
1. When installing the hydraulic valve block of the straw baler, pickling the oil hole to ensure that the residue in the oil hole is cleaned and fastened to the foundation with bolts evenly after cleaning. The installation direction and position must not be wrong.
2. Before installation, all types of valves should be checked with the design drawings to see if the specifications are consistent. There are often multiple types of valves on a valve block combined into one body. When installing, it should be distinguished whether the direction, position, stacking level, etc. can fit the drawing. Claim.
3. The device and sealing surface of the valve and valve block of the straw baler should be intact, the seals should be intact, and the bolts should be fastened evenly, firmly and without leakage.
4. Before assembling each valve and valve block, each oil port should be sealed to prevent dust from entering.

Nick Machinery reminds you that installing in the above way can ensure the perfect installation of the hydraulic valve block of the straw baler, and there will be no problems in the work!

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