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Portuguese small waste paper baler
Author : admin Time : 2022-04-21 AllPageView : 252

The waste paper baler is a kind of hydraulic machinery, but as long as you follow the waste paper baler's operating rules and be careful and meticulous in your usual work, there will be no accidents. In recent years, waste paper balers have continued to suffer casualties in various places.

According to the analysis of industry experts, the design of individual waste paper balers is unreasonable, the product quality of the manufacturer has problems, the waste paper balers are poorly maintained, the control system fails, the operators do not abide by the safety regulations, and the operators and management personnel cannot get a lot of information. Good professional training, individual or even untrained work without a license, unskilled operations or misoperation of operators are the main causes of accidents.

Small waste paper baler is a commonly used waste paper packaging machine. With the popularization of small waste paper baler, many safety problems have also arisen during the use of small waste paper baler. Analyze the reasons, except for other subjective reasons. , As far as the small waste paper baler is concerned, there are also the following problems:
On the one hand, there is manufacturing: mainly because manufacturers do not produce according to standards and specifications. There are two reasons for this. One is that the manufacturers themselves do not understand or understand the standards and specifications, and the other is that manufacturers are catering to the market in order to reduce costs. Cancel some safety protection devices.
The second aspect is the use: how to use and operate the equipment correctly is very important, that is to say, the human factor is the key. Because the quality of small waste paper baler users is generally low, they lack the necessary safety knowledge and safety awareness, and safety training Insufficient efforts often result in some safety accidents.
The third is the installation: most of the current small waste paper balers are installed by construction companies themselves. Due to weak technical force, poor personnel quality, and ignorance of standards and specifications, there are many problems in installation, so there is an urgent need to standardize management in this area. .

NICKBALER waste paper baler as a practical machine, even if there are some objective problems, as long as we remain vigilant subjectively and always tighten the string of safe production, we will definitely be able to reduce the harm caused to us in the process of waste paper packaging. And loss.

NICKBALER waste paper baler has the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple operation and high production efficiency. You are welcome to come and buy, contact 86-29-86031588
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