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Portuguese industrial waste baler
Author : admin Time : 2022-05-17 AllPageView : 239
Industrial waste baler is suitable for Baler and compressing loose materials such as scrap copper, scrap iron, stainless steel scraps, etc. It can be compressed and packaged in large quantities in a fast and simple manner. It improves labor efficiency, reduces labor intensity, saves manpower, and reduces transportation costs. Good equipment.
Features of industrial waste baler:
1. The remote control of the electric box is simple and convenient, and it can also be controlled remotely. You can choose the control method according to your own habits.
2. Oil level thermometer. An oil level thermometer is installed on the oil tank of each horizontal machine, which can monitor the oil level and temperature in real time to adjust the operation of the machine.   
3. The side-opening hydraulic cylinder is changed from the previous double-end plug-in type to a fixed hydraulic cylinder. The movable performance is large and wide, and it is more stable than before. The cylinder is enlarged, the strength is sufficient, the opening and closing is lighter, and the large motor controls the pressure of the main board. , The small motor controls the door to open and close.

4. High-pressure plunger pump, low noise, high quality, the flow part of the oil pump from the inlet to the outlet is made of cast iron, the pump body is non-corrosive and anti-wear hydraulic oil medium.  

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