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On the difference between horizontal small waste paper baler and vertical baler
Author : admin Time : 2018-12-11 AllPageView : 594
1. Different structure: small horizontal waste paper baler, the horizontal drive of the push plate, horizontal out of the package, the vertical baler pusher up and down.
2, the feeding method is different: the small horizontal baler feeding is more convenient than the vertical baler feeding, the horizontal packing machine has a large feeding port, the feeding is more random, the car is clamped, the manual feeding can be used, and the manual workload is greatly reduced.
3, different operating modes, horizontal baler has automatic mode, can be equipped with remote control, the operation is more convenient.
4, the outsourcing method is different, the packaged waste paper mass can realize a package pushing a package, which is convenient for centralized folder processing.
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