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Nick brand waste magazine Baler Machine brings convenience to our work and life
Author : admin Time : 2021-04-21 AllPageView : 426

Nick Machinery's Nick brand waste magazine Baler Machine (also known as carton Baler Machine, cardboard Baler Machine) is a vertical hydraulic press specially used for packing and processing waste materials such as cardboard and cartons. This type of waste compression environmental protection machinery is widely used in waste recycling factories, cardboard production and processing centers, supermarkets, department stores, grocery stores, printing plants and other organizations that generate a large amount of waste paper/paperboard. This vertical baler can compress hundreds of cartons into bales with a maximum size of 1500*750*1000mm, and the weight can reach 500kg. The compression ratio of compressed plastic film or relatively polished cardboard can reach 12:1. The carton Baler Machine effectively reduces the storage space of waste materials and greatly reduces storage, transportation and labor costs. Waste magazine Baler Machine (also known as carton Baler Machine, cardboard Baler Machine) machine application: carton, plastic film, waste cardboard, household paper (such as old newspapers, magazines), office waste paper, corrugated paper shredded edges, waste corrugated paper, printing Waste paper edges, OCC kraft paper and other flexible packaging materials. 

If the above-mentioned vertical hydraulic baler cannot meet your waste paper or carton recycling demand, please check Nick Machinery's automatic waste magazine baler or cardboard baler for more efficient and convenient waste recycling solutions.

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