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Nick brand scrap metal baler has simple structure
Author : admin Time : 2021-05-11 AllPageView : 260
The scrap metal baler produced by Nick Machinery has the main components: the main frame is a cast steel upper and lower beam structure, which is sturdy and durable, and does not deform. The four-pillar adopts advanced chromium plating process, which is beautiful, safe and reliable. Hydraulic oil tank, used to store working medium, No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil. The electrical control system is used to control the actions of each oil cylinder to achieve full automation. The pressure valve group adopts high-density and large-diameter oil block, with large flow and fast speed. The power system is composed of 30KW motor and 100MCY oil pump, with high quality, stable operation, low failure rate and strong continuous working ability.
Scrap metal baler structure:
1. The main pressure cylinder, connected with the punch, extrudes the bulk metal material in the mold, is the largest and most important in the cylinder group.
2. The speed increasing oil cylinder, above the main pressure oil cylinder, is used to increase the extrusion speed of the main pressure oil cylinder, increase work efficiency, and increase the speed of the return stroke.
3. Push the material cylinder to push the metal scraps in the hopper into the mold.
4. The block pumping cylinder is used to push out the cake blocks in the mold after falling.
5. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the equipment is manufactured from the source, and can be delivered after a strict inspection and debugging process, striving to make every piece of equipment qualified and delivered to customers.

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