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Method for cleaning oil pump of waste paper baler
Author : admin Time : 2020-07-11 AllPageView : 527

Washing method of waste paper baler oil pump. When the entire equipment is completed, it may be a long time to change the hydraulic oil. A cleaning process of the hydraulic system is required. The hydraulic system cleaning of the semi-automatic hydraulic baler mainly has the following aspects:

1. Organize the environment.
2. Use special low-viscosity cleaning oil. When cleaning, add the oil to the oil tank of the hydraulic baler and heat to 50-80 degrees Celsius.
3. Start the hydraulic pump and let it work empty. During the cleaning process, the pipe is often lightly tapped, so that it can receive the effect of removing the attachments, clean the pollution of the oil filter for 20 minutes, and clean the filter, and then clean again, so repeat until the filter is free Many pollutants stopped.
4. For the messy hydraulic system, each area can be cleaned according to the operation area. The hydraulic cylinder can also be connected to allow the hydraulic cylinder to reciprocate for system cleaning.

5. After cleaning, the cleaning oil must be drained as much as possible, and the inside of the oil tank must be cleaned. Then remove the temporary cleaning line, restore the hydraulic baler system to normal operating conditions, and participate in regular hydraulic oil.

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