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Instructions for use of plastic film baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-05-25 AllPageView : 337
Instructions for use:
1. Prepare the Bailer room and wrapping cloth
2. Open the small doors on the left and right sides and the front and rear doors, spread the wrapping cloth on the bottom row, then close the door and the small door, move the small door support rods on both sides (pull the switch handle out of the hydraulic door operation), the top is small Gate.
3. Like the feeding in the box, it should be uniform and flat, not high on one side and low on the other, otherwise it will cause the pressure and discharge piston rod to tilt and bend and deform.
4. After the material box is filled, operate (pull outward) to step on the handle to lower the upper pressure row. When it drops to the yellow mark line, push the step on the handle to make the upper pressure row rise and stop when it reaches the yellow mark line.
5. Feed the material into the box again-press down-rise, repeat this several times, until the material reaches a certain weight, push the handle inward to make the upper press bar rise to the yellow mark line to stop.
6. Install the wrapping cloth on the upper pressure row, and then manipulate (pull out) the booster handle to make the stepping on the bag and the pressure cylinder simultaneously press down the pressure cylinder at the same time, and stop when the yellow marking line is overwhelmed.
7. Manipulate (push in) and press the handle to make the press bar rise to the yellow mark line to stop, and then push out the package to complete a packaging operation process.

The above is the use method of plastic film baler shared by Nick Machinery. Is it helpful to everyone? For more baler content, please pay attention to www.nkbaler.net

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