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Installation of hydraulic pump for Brunei straw baler
Author : admin Time : 2021-10-09 AllPageView : 296
Matters needing attention in the process of installing the hydraulic pump of the straw baler:
1. The pros and cons of hydraulic pump installation are very important to the stable operation and service life of the pump. Therefore, the installation and calibration work must be carried out carefully and not rashly.
2. The installation height-to-width ratio, length and pipe diameter of the suction pipe of the hydraulic pump should be considered to be concise and clear to reduce unnecessary damage.
3. The inner diameter of the suction and delivery pipe should not be lower than the requirements. The suction and delivery pipe is not suitable for too long. The 90-degree bend should not exceed two. It is best to connect with the inlet of the gasoline pump by soft wiring. The installation height-to-width ratio of the gasoline pump should be less than The gear oil can automatically flow out to the suction port of the gasoline pump.
4. The suction and discharge pipelines of the hydraulic pump should have a support frame, and it is not allowed to bear the load of the pipeline.

5. The location where the hydraulic pump is installed should be wide enough to facilitate maintenance work.

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