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India small gantry shearing machine
Author : admin Time : 2021-10-22 AllPageView : 386
Scrap steel recycling must use shears, but there are many types of shears. For users who do not have a large amount of processing, how to choose small gantry shears and crocodile shears, which one is easy to use?
1. Power factor to choose
Choosing a gantry shearing machine generally requires a transformer to meet the demand, and a crocodile shearing machine can generally be used.
2. Choose from the amount of material recovered
There are many types of recycled materials in the waste recycling station. If the steel bars, steel plates, or thick materials are difficult to be broken, you can choose a gantry shear; on the contrary, it is recommended to choose thin and light materials such as cans, paint buckets or color steel tile briquettes. Metal crusher; while the crocodile shears are for crushing thick materials that are difficult to crush. The crocodile shears are chosen under the premise that the output is not so high.
3. Choose by demand
Whether to choose a crocodile shear or a gantry shear is mainly based on the required output, which is what we usually call the processing volume. If the receipt is high, consider the gantry shear. If the receipt is low, it is better to choose the crocodile shear. Is suitable.

In summary, no matter which type of shearing machine is selected, the choice must be based on the power factor of the processing site, the amount of material recovery and the required output.

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